About me

I'm an open-minded averagely-dressed ape in search of a peaceful, intentional, and unstressed life, who likes to learn new things, self-improve, read, watch (docu)series, do sports, travel, and meet unique people. Two things I cannot live without are chill music and the feeling of not being stuck. One of my idealistic life goals is to witness a world where money (or materialistic bs in general) wouldn't be the primary goal of it all, and exploitation not an everyday human relation. Above all else, I try to be fair and empathetic, and I expect the same from anyone else. In the end, I'm like Newton's 3rd law -- I give what I get.

Judging your own skills and knowledge is a bit biased, but here we go.

"Hard" skills

"Soft" skills


Frontend Developer

Agiledrop · Full-time

Aug 2021 - Present


  • Developing & maintaining websites and web applications (HTML, (S)CSS, JS, jQuery, Twig, Drupal, Docker, Git, Webpack, gulp, npm, composer)

Web Developer & Designer

Interstellar Support; WEB-TIX, Tim Koprivnik s.p. · Freelance

Apr 2021 - Aug 2021 · 5 mos


  • Developing & maintaining websites (HTML, (S)CSS, JS, jQuery, WordPress, PHP, MAMP, Git)
  • Designing websites (Adobe XD)
  • Technical support (WordPress, Squarespace, cPanel, FileZilla)

Wordpress Developer

citiesapps · Full-time

Nov 2020 - Apr 2021 · 6 mos

Graz, Styria, Austria

  • Developing & maintaining websites (HTML, (S)CSS, JS, jQuery, WordPress, PHP, Frontity, cPanel, FTP, MAMP, Git, gulp)
  • WordPress plugin development (WordPress, PHP, REST API)
  • Designing websites (Adobe XD)

Web Developer & Designer

Adverta - digital marketing · Contract

Aug 2019 - Oct 2020 · 1 yr 3 mos

Maribor, Slovenia

  • Developing web ads (HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, WordPress)
  • Designing web ads
  • Technical support